Although I hate Visual SourceSafe with a passion, my current job requires it. I much prefer SourceGear Vault, and can't wait until the day I'm back on a Vault SCC system. But for now, I must use VSS. I recently had the problem of VSS integration not working in Visual Studio 2005. I found the following steps, based on reregistering the VSS MSSCCI (MS Source Code Control Interface) dll's:

In the VSS folder (usually C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual SourceSafe\), register the following dll's:

  • ssscc.dll
  • remotevssscc.dll
  • tdnamespaceextension.dll

Using regsvr32, that would look like:

regsvr32 ssscc.dll
regsvr32 remotevssscc.dll
regsvr32 tdnamespaceextension.dll

Then open VS 2005, and go to the Tools->Options and the Source Control/Plug-in Selection page. You should now be able to select Microsoft Visual SourceSafe from the plugin dropdown.

NOTE: Source control integration is not supported in the express editions of Visual Studio.

Thanks for these instructions goes toMichael Daniel.


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This help was awesome!